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Lavender Hair & Body Butter

Lavender Hair & Body Butter

Pure Inner G body butter is an ALL NATURAL hair, face and bodybutter ALL IN ONE jar!. It's great for traveling when you want to simplify your beauty regimen. Which one of your current hair product do you currently use on your whole body including your face?. Let Pure Inner G be your first!




Thickens thinning hair

Promotes new growth

Moisturizes the scalp

Helps soothe dry & itchy scalp due to skin disorders (Eczema/alopecia)

Great for natural hair

Makes coarse hair manageable  



Helps soothe and moisturize dry skin

Lighten dark rings around eyes

Fade marks 

Calms the burning due to sunburn

Helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Great for eczema

Moistures dry & cracked hands

Makes your body feel smooth and amazing

and so much more......


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