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Pure Sea Moss Gel 32 oz (Original Flavor)

Pure Sea Moss Gel 32 oz (Original Flavor)

SKU: 364215375135191

🔥Weight Loss

🔥92 of the 102 Minerals our body needs

🔥Supports healthy thyroid function

🔥Regulates high blood pressure

🔥Detoxes the body

🔥Increases energy

🔥Enhances libido (Sexual function)

🔥Facial mask

🔥Regulates diabetes

🔥Reverses the side effect of chemo & radiation


🔥Strong bones

🔥Anti inflammatory

🔥Boost immunity

🔥Speeds metabolism

🔥Conditions hair (when added to hair products

🔥Strengthen heartbeat

🔥AND SO MUCH MORE (Google the benefits)


    All packages ordered before 3pm will be shipped the same day, excluding weekends & holidays

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